Sharing knowledge on automated administrative decisions

Many countries use computers in the execution of its governmental tasks. In many ways the relationship between the government and its citizens is different from any other legal relations simply because of the difference in powers. This is why it is necessary to study automated decisions by the government not only from a data protection standing point but aswel through administrative law glasses. With this website I’ll try to bring together state of the information of different countries: very happy to announce the first answers of a standard Q and A on automated decisions and administrative law from Germany, Denmark, The Netherlands, Norway, UK, Switzerland SpainYou can use the search tool to find your country of interest. I have added some info on France and Australia as well.

Please, do get in touch if you have national expertise in this field!  Twitter @MarliesEck, e-mail: b.m.a.van.eck@law.



Why you are just a number in digital government?

In the Netherlands we have the Universiteit van Nederland. It’s were professors teach about their research for the public. Sponsored by all universities this uni provides free knowledge for the millions on youtube and in podcasts. It’s compact, easy to understand and very very diverse in topics.   logounl

Here is my lecture on Automated Chain Decision making by the government and legal protection. It’s in Dutch but NEW NEW NEW with English subtitles (just click on subtitles and you’ll get English subtitles, even though it says it’s ‘Nederlands’)